Learning Tools

  • Auto Replay for YouTube (Chrome): Adds an auto replay checkbox in Youtube video page. You can also select a portion of the video to be auto replayed. Repeat dance step so you can learn them. Only works when watching video on YouTube.

  • Play Video in Slow Motion on YouTube: Play Video. Pause it just before you want to watch the video in slow motion then hold down the space bar on your computer keyboard.

  • YouTube Downloader (Chrome) Adds an easy to use download  button with choice of file formats.
  • You can also play the video's url on the VLC Player and slow it down to suit your learning speed.Enter url in VLC's Advanced Open File/Network option, then select Playback/Slower. This option can be cumbersome and the vid may freeze often.
  • To download the video using the VLC player. Copy and paste the video url into the VLC player -- Advanced Open File/Network -- and start playing the video. Then while the video is playing go to Window/Media Information -- and copy  Location address at the bottom. Paste that url into your browser and start playing the video then Right Click and Save As... will save the video file to  to your  desktop. The video default saves as "videoplayback" so you need to rename the file. 

Since I'm on Mac, I prefer to use Movist (out of Korea!) which has a superb range of control options that leave anything else behind.